Genshin Impact: Best Beidou Build

Genshin Impact: Best Beidou Build

Genshin Impact: Best Beidou Build

Genshin Impact: Best Beidou Build

As Genshin Impact develops and grows, the game proceeds to gradually deliver new characters into the game with their own unique capacities. What’s more, one of the most up-to-date Genshin Impact characters to join the positions is a solid electro character named Beidou.

Beidou employs the claymore in Genshin Impact and has practical experience in electro harm counter assaults. This adequately makes her an incredible colleague for individuals who can dominate her planning. Furthermore, Beidou gives the gathering an extra 20% endurance decrease when swimming in the water, which is useful for investigating certain territories and coming to far islands.

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Lamentably for Beidou, she should be harmed a considerable amount before she contacts her full DPS potential with the Tidecaller assault. Yet, with the right forms in Genshin Impact, this issue can be effortlessly addressed by gamers. So for fans searching for approaches to dominate this character, here are a few hints on the best loadout.

genshin sway beidou ningguang

Electro DPS Build

This form in Genshin Impact is for players who need to utilize Beidou as their primary wellspring of DPS in the gathering. The best weapon for her to utilize is Wolf’s Gravestone weapon with two Gladiator’s Finale’s and Bloodstained Chivalrys for antiquities. This gives Beidou a set reward of +18% ATTK and an extra 25% Physical DMG help.

If gamers don’t have access to Wolf’s Gravestone, then the next two best options are the Rainslasher for its increased DMG against enemies affected by Hydro and Electro. And The Bell sword, for its ability to generate a shield that absorbs damage, takes up to 20% max HP.

Parry Sub DPS Build

For players who prefer to use Beidou to parry in battle as a sub, they will find this build particularly useful. Equip Wolf’s Gravestone with two Thundering Furys and Gladiator’s Finales. This will help give Beidou a set bonus of +18% ATTK and +15% Electro DMG Bonus.

If gamers don’t have access to Wolf’s Gravestone, then the next two best options are the Prototype Archaic since it gives a 50% chance to deal an additional 240% AoE attack. And the Skyward Pride for its ability to increase all DMG by 8% and entry recharge stat.

Party Members

The best party members that will compliment Beidou’s attacks are Bennett in Genshin Impact for boosting Beidou’s Tidecaller DMG, Xingqiu, with his elemental bursts that trigger reactions to Beidous attacks, Klee for her great damage, and Overloaded reactions. Lastly, Qiqi for her Superconducts effect that boosts Beidous Physical DMG.

Genshin Impact: Best Beidou Build
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