Destiny 2: How to Complete All Seasonal Challenges for Week 6

Destiny 2: How to Complete All Seasonal Challenges for Week 6

Destiny 2: How to Complete All Seasonal Challenges for Week 6

Destiny 2: How to Complete All Seasonal Challenges for Week 6

Another week in Destiny 2 methods, there are new difficulties to finish. Just seven occasional difficulties have been added for this present week. The majority of them are very straightforward and will fit pleasantly into most players’ week-by-week agendas of assignments and exercises for a step up.

Nonetheless, one target provokes players to finish a Grandmaster trouble Nightfall: The Ordeal strike, which makes their Season of the Chosen debut this week. These are among the hardest exercises in Destiny 2, and expect players to be at a force level of at any rate 1325 to try and approach them.

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Here are the seven occasional difficulties for week six in Destiny 2 for Guardians to finish.

Competitor’s Ascent VI:

Ordinary parts in Season of the Chosen will presently be acquainted with this test. It requires the fruition of the week after week story mission, Challenger’s Proving, which follows a similar configuration consistently. Challenger’s Proving VI is presently accessible for any new players, so players should visit the War Table in the H.E.L.M to kick the mission off.

As with previous weeks, the quest tasks players with earning Cabal gold by playing various activities, socketing a medallion into the Hammer of Proving, smashing a Tribute Chest at the end of a Battlegrounds mission using the Hammer, and then meeting back at the War Table to learn a bit more about the ongoing conflict with Empress Capital and the Cabal forces.

Small-Caliber Contender:

For this challenge, players need to get kills using SMGs with Cabal kills in Battlegrounds missions awarding more progress. From testing, it seems that one Cabal kill during a Battlegrounds mission grants one percent of progress for this objective, so Guardians wanting to get through this challenge quickly should consider using the new Extraordinary Rendition kinetic SMG in Battlegrounds missions.

Nightfall Variety Attack:

Guardians need to get 80 kills with either Sniper Rifles, SMGs, Rocket Launchers, or Bows in Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes. Season of the Chosen has weapons of all these types, so players can easily get a loadout together consisting of the Extraordinary Rendition SMG, either the Imperial Needle Bow or Far Future Sniper Rifle, and the Code Duello Rocket Launcher. Use this loadout while running Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes at lower difficulties to complete this objective.

Cabal Contenders:

This challenge requires players to defeat 65 Elite or Boss level Cabal enemies in Battlegrounds missions. Elite Cabal and Cabal bosses are everywhere in Battlegrounds missions, so simply killing every Cabal enemy insight in two or three Battlegrounds should be enough to get this challenge done.

Once Chosen, Now Fallen:

Players need to kill many Fallen for this challenge, with precision kills counting for extra progress. Although the objective text does specify that this is to calibrate weapons, ability kills against Fallen enemies also contribute to this challenge. It looks like one precision kill against a Fallen enemy adds one percent of progress for this challenge from testing. Since Fallen enemies are common in the Cosmodrome, this is also a great opportunity for players to head there and complete the Chosen Cosmonaut challenge from week two if they have not done so already.

Kill Them With Style:

For this challenge, players need to unlock the Pyretic ornament for the Chosen seasonal weapon’s Season, the Salvager’s Salvo Grenade Launcher. Players will need to unlock Salvager’s Salvo and then speak to Lord Shaxx in the Tower to pick up the quest, which rewards players with the Pyretic ornament upon completion. This quest tasks players with getting Grenade Launcher kills in the Crucible and earning Crucible Valor ranks.

Conquest Of The Mighty:

This challenge is by far the hardest one this week and will only be completed by the most hardcore and dedicated Destiny 2 players. Conquest of the Mighty requires players to complete a Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike on Grandmaster difficulty. This week’s Ordeal Strike is The Devils’ Lair, but this challenge, as with all the others, can be completed in a later week.

Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes can be accessed through the bottom-right node in the Vanguard page of the Director. This challenge also awards quadruple the normal XP, so it will really help players level up their Season Pass and unlock some good rewards – although the players that have reached 1325 power will have likely completed the Season Pass long ago.

Destiny 2: How to Complete All Seasonal Challenges for Week 6
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