Why The Perfect Healthy Diet Doesn’t Exist

Mediterranean, flexitarian, Keto, Paleo, There is not any shortage of diets to register to — but that is the top?

That’s the best diet for me?

For fourteen days, scientists fed 1,102 people that were healthy meals that were identical and measured their responses.

There were variations in people’s reaction to Identical foods, with some consequences varying.

Interestingly, This study included identical twins who responded to the same foods. This suggests that genes don’t play as large a role as initially believed.

Sleep, exercise and gut health

The researchers also tracked the volunteers’ sleep, exercise and hunger Levels over the course.

It was these factors that played the biggest roles in determining how a diet plan is to get an individual. ‘dinner time was also an important factor.

If we have access we can make positive changes to reduce our risk of weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease.

So, could the outcomes of the Study see a change in how we approach eating moving forward?

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