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Our common goal of producing world-class experiences shows through everything we do. We’re constantly hard at work, making things happen to keep our events running! We have full-time employment, seasonal positions, and on-site event staffing opportunities available.

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Positions Available:

  • Traveling National Event Coordinator – Employee who travels to national events to set up and lead the Red Frog Food and Beverage concessions space. He or she manages the food service staff, coordinates the preparation and delivery of food, manages the distribution of inventory, and monitors food in accordance with USDA standards and state health codes.
  • Full-Service Bartender – Employee who serves liquor, beer, and wine products to the event attendees. May serve at public bars on site or in private suites. TIPS certification required.
  • Limited-Service Bartender – Employee who serves beer and wine at bar locations on the event site. TIPS certification required.
  • Warehouse/distribution – The backbone of our operations! This role is responsible for distributing products to the various locations throughout the event site.
  • Front of House Manager – Employees who set up locations for efficiency and oversee multiple bartenders or concessions workers. Also responsible for ordering products during the event to restock their area of responsibility. Must be skilled in communication, prioritization, time management, and attention to detail.
  • Administration – Various positions ranging from point of sale management to spreadsheet management, scheduling, and cash distribution.

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For national events, our employees typically arrive at the event site on Wednesday to set up for a weekend event and leave the following Monday. All travel is coordinated on the employee's behalf by Red Frog Events.

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