Music Festivals

Producing our own festivals allow us to maximize food and beverage sales while offering guests custom, conversation-worthy menu items. We’ve planned and executed large-scale events from start to finish across the U.S. and internationally, and have deep-rooted experience and knowledge in every aspect of the operational process.

Back of House and Artist Catering

When hosting large-scale events, feeding your staff and providing your artists a variety of quality food is of utmost importance. We’ll ensure your guests are pleased by providing an attractive environment with menu items crafted by our executive chefs.

Alcohol Management and Bar Concepts

We know guests are selective about their drinks, and so are we. We offer craft cocktail consultations with our mixologist, collaboration with distributors, liquor license holders, and certified servers to ensure speedy and safe service for your guests.

Custom Restaurants and Menu Items

We’ve developed a variety of restaurant concepts that increase revenues by delivering unique dining experiences, complete with on-trend menu options your guests crave. Select from our existing restaurant concepts, or work with our executive chefs to create custom restaurants specifically for your event.

Third-Party Vendor Management

We have a network of some of America’s best food trucks and mobile restaurants and can manage communication and logistics to get them to your event.

Point of Sale and Cash Management

Incorporating point of sale technology, such as Square, allows for faster transaction times, and a hassle-free experience for your guests as well as real-time reporting for your team Our POS system presents options for online and offline transactions, tabletop and handheld payments, as well as real-time reporting.

Site Layout Consulting

Determining the best layout for your festival can be stressful. Our expert team is happy to help consult on the spacing of your tents and event elements that will lead to maximum food and beverage sales.