About Us

Red Frog Food & Beverage combines over 45 years of experience in large-scale food and beverage service with an innovative and award-winning event production company. Our team formed when the DJ’s National Food Service team joined the Red Frog Events Family with the shared goal of raising the bar on large-scale event and festival food and beverage. Over the years, we’ve been part of the NFL Experience and the Olympics, and are proud to have served food to those helping at Ground Zero after 9/11. Our history dates back to our founders inventing the Dumbo Ear, now the popular Elephant Ear. Our friendly management team has worked side-by-side for more than 20 years, and has a versatile background in successfully executing events from 10,000 to upwards of 300,000 attendees.

Giving Back

Red Frog boldly committed to raising $25 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 2013 and have pridefully raised over $15.5 million toward their goal. These funds have helped build the world’s first ever proton therapy center – the St. Jude Red Frog Events Proton Therapy Center – solely dedicated to treating cancer for children.