What Makes Us Different?

We will maximize your revenue and deliver a superior experience to you and your customers:


We're Event People Too

We've been in your shoes and have simplified the process for you.
Let us focus on food service, so you can focus on your event.


Customized Restaurant & Bar Concepts

We work with you to create restaurant and bar concepts customized to fit your event.


A Better Food Experience

Our in-house chefs work with you to deliver on-trend menu options that your guests want to eat.


Shorter Lines

Less waiting means higher per caps and happier guests. Our model allows us to shift resources where they're needed most.

At Firefly Music Festival, we received a 91% approval rating for food and beverage service in the post-festival attendee survey.


Red Frog Food & Beverage combines over 45 years of experience in large-scale food and beverage service with an award-winning event production company. Our innovative approach to food and beverage operations includes customizable restaurant options, simplicity for event organizers, and the highest industry per caps for short-duration, high-volume events. From music festivals to the nation’s largest sporting events, we understand what it takes to execute world-class events. Red Frog Food & Beverage collaborates with you, to share your vision. We are event food and beverage service reimagined.

Our team brings more than 125 years of combined industry experience to your event. Our executive management team has worked side-by-side for more than 20 years, and our staff includes more than 30 managers who each have at least five years of industry experience. Our expert staff, combined with a solid high-volume event strategy and your vision for the event, will consistently exceeds performance goals and revenue projections.


Here are some of the biggest events we have served over our 45-year history:

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Here are some of the biggest events we have served over our 45-year history:

Olympics (1996 and 2002)

  • Exclusive management of all food and beverage at Medals Plaza and Athlete Plaza
  • Over 20,000 meals served daily
  • Exclusive McDonald’s Licensee

NBA All Star Jam Session (2001 – 2007)

  • Exclusive management of all food and beverage operations
  • Attendance of 20,000 patrons per year and 140,000 in total

Live 8 Concert (2005)

  • Exclusive management of all food, beverage and alcohol operations
  • Attendance of over 800,000 patrons

Harley Davidson – 100th Anniversary Experience & Party (2003)

  • Exclusive management of all food, beverage and alcohol operations
  • Attendance of over 250,000 patrons
  • Over 2,000 feet of food service and 80 beverage cart locations

American Beer Classic (2013 – 2015)

  • Exclusive management of all alcohol operations
  • Over 100 different breweries and 200 different beers highlighted at each event
  • Attendance of over 22,000 patrons over the three years

ShamrockFest (2014)

  • Exclusive management of all food, beverage and alcohol operations
  • Over 45,000 beers served in eight hours
  • Attendance of over 11,000 patrons

Lively Water Whiskey Festival (2014)

  • Exclusive management of all alcohol operations
  • Over 25 different distillers and 70 different whiskies highlighted at each event
  • Mixology sessions offer to attendees


We provide the services, know-how, and attitude that’ll take your event food and beverage services to the next level. From Festivals and Sporting Events, to Back-of-House Catering for Artists and Staff, to Alcoholic Beverage Management and liquor license consulting, we’re here to offer our experience and make it an enjoyable experience for you, your team members, and your guests.

Festivals & Sporting Events

Large-scale food and beverage service is our main course. Our experience in serving high-quality concessions to the masses has allowed us to create lasting and memorable experiences for your guests, no matter what the event.

Our expert knowledge turns food and beverage into a turnkey operation. We can provide all of the following services:

  • Event Layout & Logistics consulting
  • Restaurant & Bar concept selection/creation
  • Menu curation with an in-house chef
  • Sponsorship coordination
  • Liquor license & health permit consulting
  • All staffing, including setup and breakdown
  • Third party vendor management
  • Equipment procurement & rental

Custom Restaurants

We’ve learned from our success in the industry — we’ve developed a variety of restaurant concepts that increase per caps by delivering a dining experience that fits your event, and high-quality, on-trend menu options that your guests want. Select from our existing restaurant concepts, or work with our chefs to create custom restaurants specifically for your event.

Get a taste of what we have to offer by clicking on our restaurants, below, to view each unique menu.

restaurant southern soul restaurant lemon grass restaurant burger joint restaurant fresh company

Back-of-House Catering

Event food service requires focus, energy, and a spectrum of food options to please everyone from high-profile artists to the staff executing your awesome event. We put the same passion and quality into the food and beverage experience for your back-of-house, as we do for your event guests. From the artist hospitality suite, to the media tent, to your crew and volunteer quarters, we’ll help you create a top-notch food and beverage experience worthy of your event.

Alcoholic Beverage Management

We know that guests are selective about their drinks, and so are we. We’ll ensure that every beverage option fits the demographics of your event and your guests.

Our strategies include:

  • Craft cocktail consultations with our mixologist.
  • Collaboration with distributors to offer the most appropriate menu, whether it’s high volume beer sales or curated cocktails.
  • Certified servers to ensure speedy and safe service to your guests.

Over the years, we’ve also gained extensive experience advising on liquor licenses throughout the country, and we’ll be glad to help you navigate that complex topic.

Let's Talk Food & Beverage!

If you’d like to see how Red Frog Food & Beverage can revolutionize your event’s foodservice, increase your food and beverage revenue, and decrease your worries, reach out to us below. Our office hours are 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday.

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